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Lockhart High School teacher placed on leave pending investigation


From Staff Reports

A Lockhart High School teacher and coach was suspended on Thursday after the school and administration “learned of complaints against him,” the school district’s superintendent said in a letter issued Tuesday to parents and staff.

Teacher and coach Zach Underwood is currently on administrative leave for “complaints warranting an investigation” that the district would not elaborate upon any further.

Lockhart police on Tuesday said no arrest had been made and no charges had been filed.

“Because the complaints are currently under investigation, the district is not able to provide further information,” Lockhart ISD Superintendent Susan K. Bohn wrote in a letter sent to Lockhart High School parents and guardians.

“The complaints and information received warranted this swift and necessary response. We will always prioritize the safety of our students and the sanctity of our learning environment.”

The superintendent said the district was working closely with the Lockhart Police Department on investigating the complaints.

Because no arrests had been made and no charges had been filed, LPD could not provide any further information on the case, police said.



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