From the Clocktower – Fake news at the worst of times

From the Clocktower – Fake news at the worst of times

By Kathi Bliss



When the Nation is staring in the face of a tragedy, there are always hundreds of things that need to be said. Even in recent years, we’ve learned that many times: Waco. The University of Virginia. Aurora. Charleston. Orlando.

And now, in the wake of the horror that broke loose in Las Vegas on Sunday night, I know there are a million conversations we need to have, on a National level. The trouble is, we don’t really know where to start – because we don’t really know what happened. So long as we don’t know what happened, it’s far too soon to start having the political conversations about affiliations; we can’t really talk about gun control, because we don’t yet know how the Vegas shooter came to have possession of those guns, let alone how many there were, or how he got them into the hotel.

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