From the Clocktower – There is a time for everything… Isn’t there?

By Kathi Bliss



A person of faith, but not necessarily of religion, one of my grandmother’s favorite Biblical passages Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, which reminds us that there is a time to every purpose under Heaven. In 1965, the Byrds released a song based on that passage, which, in a stroke of true genius, my Gram had pla

yed at her funeral.

I’ve been thinking about those words here the last few days, while we, as a community, face something that a community should never have to face, and while a young mother grapples with something that no human should ever have to bear. The reason it came to mind is because in the wake of the horrible tragedy on Saturday morning, a whole lot of people seem to have taken their eye off the ball, and are talking about all the wrong things.

Put simply, in my opinion, this just isn’t the time.

This is not the time to question the actions of either of the drivers involved in that accident. We all know, by this point, that plenty of mistakes compounded the tragedy. And though this might be the time to use this horror as a teachable moment, it’s really not the right time to be pointing fingers and casting blame.

Since Saturday morning, I’ve seen dozens of social media posts that put the FedEx driver at blame for the accident, and it seems as though he was. However, that blame has spilled over to every freight driver that serves our community. I care not repeat some of the things some of my friends in the freight industry have been told since the accident happened – as if they were on the scene, or as if they were to blame for the accident.

They weren’t. They weren’t even there.

Mr. Alvarez is going to pay for the rest of his life for his decision. He will know, forever, that his choice shattered a family. Yet many members of this community are expressing open hostility, up to and including death threats that I have seen, for his part in what happened.

Aren’t we, as a community, better than that?

I’ve also seen dozens of posts that blame Mr. Salas-Castro for not “buckling up” his children. Hasn’t his family paid enough, without having to see this man burned in effigy posthumously, for what amounts to a bad decision?

Aren’t we, as a community, better than that?

This simply isn’t the time.

Maybe this is the time when we should be praying for the Salas and Alvarez families. Maybe we should be a community that comes together to support them, and to learn from this awful accident, and does things differently in the future.

Isn’t that the kind of community we’re supposed to be.

Sure, this is the time to talk about paying attention while we’re driving. Yes, this is the time to talk about seat belt safety. And maybe, to the chagrin of many commuters, this might be the time to talk about the need for cycling, instead of flashing, traffic signals at the intersection of Highway 183 and FM 1185 – personally, I’ve thought that intersection should have a proper stoplight for years. That intersection had a body count well before SH130 was even a blip on the radar.

Whatever conversations we’re having, I think that they shouldn’t include hostility, hatred and blame. In my opinion, this simply isn’t the time.


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