From the Clocktower – We’ve come a long way, baby!

In a fit of nostalgia earlier this week, I decided to look at our archives and re-read the first column I wrote in this space when I came back to work for the Post-Register ten years ago. As I celebrate ten years at the Editor’s desk, I wanted to check and see how I’m doing, based upon the ideals I had and promises I made when I was fresh to the industry, naïve to community politics, and generally ready to set the world on fire.
If ten years seems like a long time to you, please know that some days, it feels the same to me. Other days, it feels as though it’s flown by in a week. And I know that some of you are out there wondering why on earth Mr. Garrett has continued to put up with my shenanigans for a decade. To tell the truth, some days I ask myself that very same question. But I’m certainly grateful that he does.
With that being said, in reading my first column, I realize that I was, in fact, naïve and little bit fresh, I set myself some very specific goals, and offered some very specific goals for this newspaper. And I’d like to think that I continue to accomplish those goals, on a weekly basis.
Back then, I said: “I know that the news we print will not always make you happy. But I hope to, at the very least, keep you informed… with all of the positive things that are happening here, it is senseless and irresponsible to focus solely on the bad. As much as people need to be held accountable for their bad acts, so should people be praised for the good.”
We still try to do that, every week. We do everything we can, within the bounds of good journalism and good business practices, to let the community know the good things, as well as the bad – the accomplishments as well as the failures.
I also said, “Our job, in short, is to give the community an informative, balanced publication you can rely on for the facts, and be proud of – a publication that will praise and unite the people of Lockhart, Dale, McMahan, Lytton Springs, Tilmon, Maxwell, Fentress, Prairie Lea, Stairtown, Martindale and Luling as one community. And I leave it to you, the members of the community, to tell us if we are not doing that job.”
Goodness gracious, have you told me! In the last 10 years, I’ve gotten at least as much criticism as I have praise, and I’m grateful for that, as well, because we really do try to take those criticisms and make them into positive changes for this community newspaper.
I would have never thought, as a young girl growing up in Lockhart, that it would have been possible to feel closer to this community than I did when I was young. However, after ten years of being invited into your homes every week, of chatting with you at the supermarket, and watching your children grow, succeed and excel, I’m continually amazed at how close to you I feel – how much a part of this community you’ve allowed me to be… I will never stop being grateful, and humbled, that you continue to not only put up with me, but to embrace me.
So, after ten years, I will renew the promise that I made when I first sat in this chair… My job is to make the Post-Register this area’s news source of choice, not because it’s the only choice, but because you want it to be. I want to do a job here at the Post-Register that will make you proud, and your comments are the best yardstick for by which I can measure myself.
Thank you for the last ten years. I’m looking forward to many more.


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