From the Clocktower – Who is speaking for you?

By Kathi Bliss


In the last 40 years, I have discovered that there are three inevitabilities in life: death, taxes, and politicians that will blow with the wind.

Fact: Each one of us will die.

Fact: Every governmental entity will put its hand in your pocket.

Fact: Elected politicians are not mind readers, and they will side with whomever is doing the most talking.

It’s that last fact that troubles me. Because it’s that last fact that allows a small minority of people to have control over a broad range of issues. After all, we have a human tendency to assume that someone who shares our opinion is voicing that opinion. Over the last 11 years, certainly, I have seen time and time again that our elected officials do what they are asked by certain groups of people, whether or not those actions are the will of the majority, simply because those people are the only ones doing the talking.

That, in my opinion, is one of the gravest problems facing our community, at this time when we’re on the cusp of changes that could potentially change the face of our county.

The reason it bothers me is quite simple… It bothers me because small groups of people, professing to “speak for the County” are expressing their opinions, and not necessarily the opinions of the entire community.

I saw that in action at the Lockhart City Council meeting on Tuesday. A group of 15 folks approached the council to talk about the Green Group Holdings project. Those 15 people professed to speak on behalf of the entire county.

I’m not going to say whether or not they spoke my opinion. But I know for a fact that they didn’t speak the opinion of the entire county. There are 30,000 of us. And I know… I absolutely KNOW that we don’t all agree on this issue.

Unfortunately, those 15 people or so, the same people that have spoken so passionately to the Commissioners Court, and the same people that have sent several persuasive letters to this publication, are the only ones speaking out. And at the end of the day, because our leaders are not mind readers, our leaders are going to listen to them, because they are the only ones speaking out.

I encourage the rest of us to get involved in this issue, and to start speaking our minds, as well. Because if we don’t, we can rest assured that our voices won’t be heard.

Too often, we trust that someone else must be speaking our opinion on our behalf. And all too often, that’s simply not true. We can’t trust in that. The only way we can know for sure that our voices are being heard is to use our voices.

Our community is bumping up against several huge issues, with the proposed construction of the 130 Environmental Park, the development of SH 130 throughout the county, and the proposed bond project for the Lockhart Independent School District. And my concern is, those issues will be decided by a small cross section of our population, because the rest of our community is complacent, and believes that someone else will speak for them.

For my money, I’ve made darn sure that my elected leaders know exactly how I feel about each of these issues.

Have you?


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  1. Jeanne Bates says:

    I personally have not spoken to ONE of my neighbors in the LyttonSprings area who want that darn dump. Also, I am not interested in driving through Lockhart to do business if there is a dump truck going through town every two minutes. You would have to be insane to think a dump will improve anyones quality of life in a fifty mile radius.

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