Letters – Imagine Lockhart celebrates first year

To the Editor:

Lockhart, Texas is a prime example of a location with a rich history and lapcom.unb.br massive potential, which will be further enhanced by the completion of http://irsolav.com/buy-cialis-online-uk SH 130. With all of the economic and developmental change in the area, citizens will need to lend a hand in preserving the viagra soft tablets beautiful, historic nature of Lockhart. In order to do so in an organized manner, local residents came together and created Imagine Lockhart, a community organization, acting as a sounding board and catalyst for positive change in the community.

Since the creation of Imagine Lockhart, the group has served the city by providing cleanings of parks and courthouse grounds, hosted street festivals and other events to keep residents active in their community, assisted Lockhart’s City Planner Dan Gibson to obtain grants for the city, and created a more efficient way to connect those who want to plaisirdecreer.be volunteer with organizations that suit their interests through the website. These volunteer forms, along with an impressive and up-to-date community calendar, can be found at www.imaginelockhart.org/.

In addition, Imagine Lockhart has founded Main Street Market, Lockhart’s largest farmer’s market. Every Saturday, on the corner of Market and viagra cost Main Streets, local farmers congregate to provide an alternative to contemporary grocery shopping. Furthermore, Imagine Lockhart members have turned each market into a breakfast social, serving coffee and pastries, providing live music, face painting, and the occasional bouncy castle.

The New Year marked Imagine Lockhart’s first anniversary, and as 2012 progresses, we would like to place more focus upon the cialis soft canada farmer’s market. This weekly event allows Imagine Lockhart to be more heavily involved in the look and feel of Lockhart, have a hand in the health and livelihood of discount viagra australia its residents,  and connect the community family to family, family to farmer, and farmer to farmer. The organization has gotten off to www.toyota-motorsport.com marvelous start and, with help from area businesses and residents, Imagine Lockhart’s future is both exciting and promising.

For more information about Imagine Lockhart or Main Street Market, contact us at imaginelockhart@gmail.com, or find Imagine Lockart on Facebook.

Bethany Hicks

Imagine Lockhart