Letters – Landfill Dangers and what is levitra Hot Rods

Resident warns about landfill dangers

To the Editor:

A couple had worked all their lives and saved, built equity and planned for retirement. They looked forward to a slower pace of online prescriptions without prescriptions viagra life, to living in the prgomez.com country in a place that they could raise animals, bring the grandchildren out to cialis soft tablets enjoy the country and to garden.

They drive out to look at a house, they have a significant amount of equity to invest, and they want to sink roots deep.

One scenario: They drive into the country to meet with a realtor and look at a property. On the way, they smell the garbage first, and then as they get closer to the area, they see the rising mound of garbage and trash. The look at each other and agree without even needing to speak. The woman calls the realtor and cancels the viagra generic cheap viewing of the home without even needing to see it. In addition, she instructs the realtor to very good site not even make appointments in the area or they will find another realtor to show them homes.

The other scenario: the couple drives into an increasing idyllic landscape with country homes, gardens and http://bondhotel.co.uk/cialis-onlines livestock. They look at the home and fall in love with the property, the rustic and natural scenery, and the fresh air of the area. They drive into the town and find a beautiful and traditional, historic downtown area full of friendly people. They make an offer that day with plans for the future.

The people in Lockhart that have been born here, grown up here and have a history should not discount those that have moved here recently. Those that have moved here chose to be here. They came and looked at the country life, the homes and levitra generic cialis the people, and chose to take what resources they have and sink roots here.

A dump in the area will change everything. This positive growth will cease. I hope that Lockhart makes the right decision.

James Abshier



 Reader slams coverage choices

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014, we had an event in town around our county seat, on the Square, “Hot Rods and Hatters.” This event brought many hundreds of people to admire cars, listen to different bands, shop at our stores and enjoy the local foods.

A very pleasant afternoon was had by all.

In addition, over $2,000 was raised in charity for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and over $500 for the Lockhart Revitalization Project.

Yet, this event was not deemed newsworthy by the cialis online 50mg Lockhart Post-Register in the last two editions of levitra brand discount said newspaper.

The merchants, barbecue restaurant and other restaurant owners, the visitors from out of town and from Lockhart were all very happy.

Why did this event not merit a mention in the Lockhart Post-Register?

With regards,

Ruth Bennett



-Editor’s note: It is not our policy to publicly address criticisms of our coverage decisions. We invite Ms. Bennett to contact our office to make an appointment and we will be happy to buy cialis online no prescription discuss the matter with her, as we discussed the matter of both pre-publicity and beta blockers and viagra post-event coverage with the organizers of Hot Rods and Hatters. –kb