Letters – Reader pledges to question Commissioner

To the Editor:
I have a confession: I wasn’t very nice to my County Commissioner, Fred Buchholtz, after last Monday’s meeting. If I had it to do over again, I’d do the same thing.
I’ve reached a boiling point with his failure to represent his constituency, and quite honestly his lack of respect for the voters who elected him. He has consistently voted as he i

s told by Judge Bonn rather than giving any regard to those who gave him his seat at the table.
As I told Mr. Buchholtz after the meeting, he doesn’t even have the guts to say openly that he’s heard from people in his precinct who oppose a specific agenda item. This time it was concerning the hiring of an unneeded county road engineer. But there’s a history.
Over the course of the last year, I was one of many who tried to work with Mr. Buchholtz to change the onerous Development Ordinance; the one he opposed before he supported. It has been like talking to a brick wall. No, a brick wall might be more responsive in the face of such storms against it.
At one public workshop concerning ordinance revisions, he actually laughed when I voiced my objection to one of his changes. Mr. Buchholtz will deny this, but there was a roomful of witnesses.
I’ve raised objections to Mr. Buchholtz on other items on the plan Judge Bonn said he had for the county. Rarely do I ever even get a return message that says, “I got your message.” Then I go to court and Mr. Buchholtz is the front man for the Bonn Plan.
At this point many folks throw up their hands saying, “What’s the point? Our elected representatives don’t listen anyway.” I’m just too cranky to give over my right to be heard just because my commissioner won’t listen.
I wouldn’t even mind if Mr. Buchholtz (or any commissioner for that matter) brought to court the emails and phone logs of those who do comment on agenda issues and told us how many are for and against. If the majority has an opinion that is different than mine, fine. At least, Mr. Buchholtz would be representing his precinct.
As it is, I hear from more people who oppose the Bonn Plan (whatever that really entails) than support it. I don’t recall a time that Mr. Buchholtz has voted in opposition to Judge Bonn. But on each major issue, he, along with Commissioner Cyrier, has a record of falling in step with Judge Bonn, no matter the outrage.
No I won’t stop. Commissioner Buchholtz will continue to hear from me and I will continue to hold him accountable to represent his precinct. I hope you will do the same with your commissioner.
Susan K. Stewart

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