Letters – Reader praises ‘Courthouse Angels’

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the Caldwell County Courthouse Angels!

Once again the uk cialis Christmas Lights on the Caldwell County Courthouse wished our community a Merry Christmas and generic viagra cost local pharmacy a Happy New Year.

Each of you make this possible!

Gerry Ohlendorf, Chairperson

JoAnne Germer, Co-chairperson

Kathy Bellamy

Ruth Bennett

Betty Bowers

Margie Bozarth

Jane Brown

Nancy Hess

Benny Hilburn

Linda Hilburn

Laura Kelly

Joe Kelly

Jody King

Liz Kristynik

Jane McDuffie

Phyllis Metcalfe

Carol Ohlendorf

Conrad Ohlendorf

Lillian Pfefferkorn

Dianne Stevenson

Doris Warner

Elizabeth Wales

Esther Wilson

Pegasus School Students and


Caldwell County Courthouse Maintenance: Curtis Weber, Janie Ortiz, Albert Mendez, Kevin Gentry

We also thank First Lockhart National Bank, for their donation, and the many others who have helped throughout the years!

Gerry Ohlendorf