Letters – Resident questions Judge, Court’s ‘conservatism’

To the Editor:

I went to Facebook last night and cheap levitra pills noticed Mr. Bonn’s picture on tramadol for cats the side bar of the page and thought I would look him up to see what it had to say. On his information page, it says he is a ‘Conservative Republican.”

Then I went to John Cyrier’s page and it said the same thing.

I’m left wondering…what part of “Conservative” is a county budget that increases county government exponentially by adding high paid positions such as a County Administrator being paid $76,000, a Human Resource person who will make $70,000, gives the Executive Assistant a nice raise and an assistant, gives the Caldwell County Republican Chair a position in the DA’s office and only after five months on the job he somehow manages a $5,000 merit pay increase on top of the across the board $1,600 pay raise. These positions and their budgets all add over $300,000 to our annual budget. All this in the wake of buying viagra on line people in our sheriff’s department being subjugated to http://noticieroseis.com/viagra-ship-to-canada government assistance because their pay is below poverty level.

How can you justify this to the taxpayers of this county?

How can a secretary who’s only risk is how to get cialis no prescription the occasional paper cut make more than a sheriff’s deputy who risks his/her life daily?

Judge Bonn was elected to be our county’s administrator and now he is hiring out his work to be done by someone who doesn’t even live in this county – an unelected bureaucrat getting paid to make the decisions for our county that we elected this court to do.

As “Conservative Republicans,” he and Commissioners John Cyrier and www.breinweb.nl Fred Buchholtz sure seems to be following in the liberal footsteps of President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Charles T. Forester