Legal Notices – June 7, 2012: Lockhart and Caldwell County (Texas)



Plum Creek Conservation District





Plum Creek Conservation District will hold a public hearing on proposed revisions to its current Groundwater Management and Protection Rules, adopted on December 29, 2009, during its June 19, 2012 Board Meeting in the District’s office building.

The hearing on proposed Rule revisions will be held at:

1:00 P.M.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1101 West San Antonio St., Lockhart, Texas, 78644

The Proposed changes would add a rule authorizing a simplified procedure for issuance of permits for agricultural use of groundwater of up to 100 acre feet per year on lands owned or leased by the applicant, make revisions responding to laws passed by the 82nd Legislature impacting groundwater regulation by districts having groundwater powers, revise, add or eliminate some definitions in existing rules, and make other changes that based on its experience with existing Rules the District believes are necessary to clarify the meaning of existing Rules or to improve administration of the District’s groundwater management plan and program.

Copies of the Proposed Revisions to the Rules as well as the current Rules are available at the Plum Creek Conservation District office and are posted on the District’s web site:

For more information,

please contact:

Johnie Halliburton, Executive Manager

Plum Creek Conservation District

(512) 398-2383

or Daniel Meyer,

Assistant Manager

Plum Creek Conservation


(512) 398-8383


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