$1,000 reward offered to help solve arson case


$1,000 reward offered to help solve arson cases

By LPR Staff

A number of recent suspicious fires has led state and local authorities to offer a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arsonist”s arrest.
Early this week, at least three suspicious fires were reported to the department during the early-morning hours. The fir

st, at the Justice of the Peace-Precinct One (JP-One) offices, was reported at around 3 a.m. on Monday. The second, also Monday morning, involved a vehicle fire and the third, a structure on Elm Street
According to Fire Marshal Mark Baker, all three fires were clearly intentional.
He said the suspect poured gasoline on the walkway between JP-One and the Community Supervision – Restitution offices (CSR).
Although firefighters were able to contain the blaze before either building was destroyed, the JP-One building did sustain internal and external smoke and heat damage. The CSR building had some smoke damage outside, but the threat of inside damage was so small that, rather than breaking a window or door, authorities opted to contact Caldwell County Probation Office employees at home.
Baker said that he is working with local police and the State Fire Marshal”s office to pursue leads in the case. He said they are also investigating similar fire set at the Lockhart ISD Discipline Management Center early this month.
Anyone with information about either fire should contact the State Fire Marshal”s Office at (800) 578-4677 or Baker at the Lockhart Fire Marshal”s Office, (512) 398-2739.


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