Are you ready for ‘Back to School?’


By LPR Staff

It’s hard to believe that the children are going back to school on Aug. 27 It seems like we were just running crazy, trying to finalize plans for graduation coverage and get ready for CTR.
When I was in school, I always used to think the summer flew by. My mother told me once, years ago, that the years get shorter the older you get. And I suppo

se she was right about that.
Still, as we prepare for the kids to go back to school, we as adults, even those of us who aren’t parents, have some things to think about.
First and foremost, every time we get behind the wheel of a car, beginning Aug. 27, we need to be that much more aware. Throughout the summer, I know that many people (often myself included) simply “forget” about the school zone speed limits. After all, there’s more activity in the middle of the Sahara desert than there is on the block surrounded by Center, Medina, Clearfork and San Jacinto Streets in mid-July.
But when school starts, that all changes.
Come Aug. 27, there will be children and teens swarming all over the area, either adjusting to a change to a new campus or digging their heels back in at the old campus.
Either way, what comes along with the return to school is a return of both foot and vehicle traffic around the schools.
Now, over the summer, the City of Lockhart spent quite a bit of time and money on the sidewalk project, and it looks great. Still, even with the sidewalks, the children walking to and from school are going to have to cross the streets and, in some cases, walk in the roads.
Watch out for them.
There will also be a load of children riding bikes to and from school. Watch out for those, as well.
You just never know when one of the short guys will dart out from behind a car or a tall shrub. And of late, this community has had quite enough tragedy.
Another thing it is important to think about is those students that are already hard at work, almost two weeks before the school year began.
The athletes, the band, cheerleaders and Lionettes have been practicing since early August. I’ve seen them all over the high school fields and halls, sweating, working and learning. If the heart they are putting into their tasks is any indication, we’re in for a great season of sports and entertainment.
We should all make it a point to get out from in front of the TV and get over to the gym, the stadium and the park and support these young people in their efforts
The third, and possibly one of the most important, things we need to think about is the teamwork that goes into making sure our teachers and students have a successful year.
The teachers aren’t alone in their duty to encourage and teach the students, and the children are not alone in their duty to commit themselves to their studies and activities. As adults, we have the duty to get right in their with them.
We should not only encourage them to do their homework, we should help them if they need it. We should not only encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities, we should support them in those endeavors – whether by donating money for fundraisers, donating our time to volunteer, or simply going out to watch.
We all talk about wanting a better, stronger community and a better, stronger world. Working to help raise a better, stronger generation of young people is the best way to start.
Have a great year!


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