Banks sworn in for second term after runoff


By Miranda Rogers


The Lockhart City Council’s last meeting of the calendar year was a brief one, capped by District Four Councilmember Richard Banks taking the oath of office for his second term as Lockhart city council member.

Banks defeated former Lockhart mayor James “Jimmy” Bertram in a Dec. 12, 2011, runoff election, after no m

ajority vote was earned in the Nov. 8, 2011, general election.

Banks received his oath of office from Judge Mike McCormick, and said it was, an “honor and privilege to serve District Four… I promise to do my very best to further the best interests of district four and the entire city of Lockhart.”

As a function of his re-election, Banks reconsidered various appointments to city boards and commissions, and extended others, and by way of votes from the rest of the council, made the following appointments: Rick Womble, Planning and Zoning Commission; Mary Vance, Historical Preservation Commission; Paul Denny, Electrical Board; Donna McClary, Parks and Recreation; Morris Alexander, Economic Development, Half-Cent Sales Tax Committee; Rene Rayos, Construction Board; and Wayne Reeder, Board of Adjustment.

In other news, the Planning and Zoning Committee came forward with a proposal for “alternative driveways” that the council feels they can stand behind.

Originally, all new driveways were required to use concrete, asphalt or impervious pavers or other masonry pavement systems installed according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Planning and Zoning has recommended certain exceptions for other material for new driveways or driveway expansions to accommodate vehicles otherwise being parked in existing single family or duplex yard areas not intended for that purpose.

These additional choices will be more flexible and cost-effective for the homeowner, while making their house fit in the community standards as they are reflected in the city ordinance.

Mayor Lew White said when he brought the subject up to several people, he got a “fifty-fifty” response on the subject, and decided that he would rather vote for standards, especially if it lightened the financial impact.

The council also approved, a zoning change at 1808 W. San Antonio, allowing Carole Belver, owner of Head Start Child Care Center, to construct an additional canopy for the children’s playground area. The property was formerly zoned “Industrial Light,” but the building permit required for compliance with the zoning ordinance made it necessary to change the property to Commercial Light Business.

There is already a patchwork of zonings in the area, and the change will make it more consistent with the City’s future Land Use Plan map.

The Lockhart City Council will reconvene after the holidays, and historically meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Glosserman Conference Room of Lockhart City Hall. The meetings are open to the public and are televised on Time Warner Digital Cable Channel 10.


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