‘Best of Caldwell County’ deadline extended


llots for the Best of Caldwell County Reader’s Choice Awards through Wednesday, June 30.
The Lockhart Post-RegisteThe Lockhart Post-Register has adapted to social distancing norms put in place in 2020 by going “virtual” with our Best of 2021 Ballot. All you need is a computer, smart phone or tablet, an internet connection and some free time to fill out the interactive survey that is now live.
Deadline for entries is June 15.
“The COVID-19 Pandemic and February’s 2021 winter snowstorm were once in a lifetime challenges for businesses in Lockhart and Caldwell County,” said Dana Garrett, owner and publisher of the Lockhart Post-Register. “Show the businesses, restaurants and fellow citizens you love your appreciation for ‘weathering the storm’ by casting a virtual ballot for them in this year’s ‘Best Of.’”
The online form contains 12 pages of categories, so please scroll through to the end to see all of them. Categories include restaurants, bars, car dealerships, places of worship, schools, educators, public servants, public parks and much more.
The rules for voting in the contest are:
You must make a minimum of 25 selections before you hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.
We have prefilled most categories with names, but you’re not restricted to those names. You can always type in something else under “other.”
There will be a maximum number of ballots allowed per IP address of six.
If you fill in the “other” category, please check the spelling of the name you have entered. If your spelling is incorrect, your vote may not be counted.
Vote today on our digital entry form at post-register.com/the-best-of-caldwell-county.


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