Big Little League All Stars team falls 4-2


By Alonzo Garza

A contentious baseball game against New Braunfels ended in a 4-2 loss for Lockhart’s 16-18 year old Little League All Stars team at Kiwanis Field on Saturday, June 28.
The game started late because a member of Lockhart’s team, traveling from Luling, was running late. New Braunfels’ patience for their opponents’ delay r

an thin after about 15 minutes, but coaches agreed to wait a bit longer. Later, they may have regretted that decision.
Both teams played it safe for three innings, sizing each other up for the big hit.
Lockhart scored first when James Holcomb, the Luling resident mentioned earlier, made it home at the bottom of the third inning, with the help of an RBI.
The game’s momentum was slow and tedious, with each play scrutinized and both teams on the defensive at all times. The score inched up with both teams answering run for run, until the score was tied at 2-2 at the top of the sixth inning.
At the bottom of the sixth, when the scorekeepers and Lockhart’s pitcher fell under scrutiny. The coaches and players from New Braunfels were frustrated by a scorekeeper’s inability to determine the correct number of pitches thrown by Lockhart’s hurler. The tension was palpable.
The momentum shifted at the top of the seventh inning when New Braunfels scored two additional runs, bringing the score to 4-2.
Lockhart attempted to come back, to no avail.
First at bat at the bottom of the seventh was Kody Zimmerhanzel, who made it to first base with a grounder base hit and eventually to third. Once there, he was forced to run for home where he was tagged for the first of the game’s final three outs.
The game ended 4-2 with the last strike out, a man on third, one on first, and an ecstatic New Braunfels team.


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