Bound by Jesus’ blood keeps us as brothers


Jim Honeycutt

Chaplain-Baptist Minister

After a sleepless night where the doubts in my mind ruled the hours between midnight and sunrise, I found myself replaying over and over again a conversation I had the previous day. A difference of perspective had arisen between myself and a close friend that led us to sitting down and speaking about it at length.

It was an emotional time for each of us as the topic was one that tested the fabric of our friendship. With each of us having a slightly differing view of the complicated relationship between not only ourselves but the fundamental views of our Christian calling. 

Watching the clock (all night), I anticipated the time in which I felt it would be appropriate to reach out to him by phone to follow up. I longed to speak with him, concerned that the words I had spoken had weakened our very long friendship. I know that I should have been more confident, in that each of us at the closing of the visit had stated our love as we embraced.

Tears had fallen, while hearts poured out the truths of our positions. Seeing beyond the moment, it was stated by each of us that we knew we could and would move past this roadblock. Both assured by the love we saw in each other for the One that makes all things new, our Savior Jesus Christ. We knew that to reason together was the only way forward, determined not to allow even difficult discussions to negate our love.

When finally the hour came, with trepidation I called his number. With his usual flare he answered the call with jokes. ‘What’s up my brother?’ he asked. ‘I just wanted to check to see if all was good between us. We are golden Brother, it’s going to take a lot more that this to undo more than 30 years of friendship.’

“I hear ya,” I replied. “I feel exactly the same.”

Once we had disconnected the call, in my heart I rejoiced while my lips thanked Jesus for friendships that stand the tests of time. For only in time can the opinions and differences that could dismantle our camaraderie be used to strengthen it fully. Yet, it is not simple time spent with each other that accomplishes this. It is in fact time spent seeking to grow our spiritual understanding by studying The Scriptures, while allowing The Holy Spirit of Jehovah to grow us through application.

The bond that joins us together is not emotion, though strong emotions are a product. It is not physical, though attraction becomes part of it. It is purely spiritual, which is the strongest, making it able to withstand the stress and strains of a world at odds with itself.

When I was a child, I longed for a brother. I saw friends with brothers and wondered what it would be like. One of my good friends had two brothers, one older one younger. There were times they fought like you wouldn’t believe, but you best not get between them. For they would join forces and turn on you. They had a bond that was found in the kinship of blood. I have found as I have grown and matured that the friendships that last, the ones that are strengthened over time are also bound by blood. The blood of Jesus Christ. In Him a kinship is born, in Him a family that was not a family becomes greater than mortal connection.

Those without natural brothers find they In actuality have countless brothers. And that’s what I now have in Christ, Brothers bound by blood. But we are not a family without purpose. We are family determined to take the message of our Father to those in search of connection. To those who like me strive for the love found in belonging. And even though our methods of reaching others in need may be different, the fact is we seek to bring the Love of Jesus into the lives of those who we are led. In the Scripture we are counseled to be all things to all people, so that in doing so we may share the Gospel. To me that means that many methods will be used as we share the Truth of the Good News. I may not understand the many ways in which that is accomplished, but I know The One whom has called us and am convinced He is able to do more than I can even imagine.

I am learning not to look at things through my preconceived notions of how God does this, but to allow The Spirit of a Holy God to rule in the manner that He sees best. My Brother and I are golden in our relationship, because we are bound by the blood of Jesus. I have another friend that sticks closer than a brother. If this is something you desire, I would love to introduce him to you.


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