Buffaloes trample Lions 31-9


By Alonzo Garza

For the second week in a row, Schertz welcomed Lockhart to the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Stadium on Friday, Oct. 20. Once the teams arrived, all bets were off and the Schertz Clemens Buffaloes (6-1) stampeded over the Lockhart Lions (3-4) leaving them dazed and contemplating a hard loss with a final score of 31-9.
“We nee

d to get ready to fight the next fight,” said Head Coach Les Goad right after the game. “This week…we ran into a buzz saw.”
The Buffaloes dominated the entire game, but the Lions did their absolute best to stay in it, fighting hard all the way to the end. A successful field goal at the fourth quarter is a testament to that.
The Lions made some outstanding plays, despite being unable to bring down the Buffaloes. Kicker David Moore kicked a 43-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, adding three extra points on the board for Lockhart. He also saved the Lions from a possible safety by recovering from a bad snap and then sending a powerful, long kick well out of the end zone. Kudos to Moore for saving the play.
Kory Robbins (#46) proved to be an effective substitute for an injured Richard Ybarra. Robbins rushed hard and did an outstanding job against a tough Buffalo defense. He rushed for 78 yards with 16 carries. Right behind Robbins was Terrance Waldon, who also had 16 carries, rushing for 56 yards.. Moore rushed for 24 yards with only one carry, while Demetrius Joseph picked up 8 yards with five carries. Both Kennard Lakes and David Pozuc rushed for one yard with one carry each.
Lion quarterback Dustin Garza completed one of his nine attempted passes, a 17-yard pass to Alex Joseph. Garza had one pass intercepted.
The game began with Lockhart doing a good job of returning the ball at the beginning of the first quarter. An overthrown pass from Garza to Josh Massey quickly turned things around. With a fourth-and-eight on the 38-yard line, David Moore punted out-of-bounds giving the Buffaloes a first-and-ten on the 35-yard line. The Buffaloes moved fast with a 22-yard pass completion for another first-and-ten on the Lion”s 43.
With 8:55 left in the first quarter, there was a flag at the snap for a false start against the Buffaloes. At 7:56 Clemens quarterback Stephen Gates fired off a 44-yard pass reception that was caught by Kenny Bonds for the first touchdown of the night. The kick was good and the score became 7-0.
The kickoff return by A. Joseph was good for 18 yards. Lockhart had their first-and-ten on the 26-yard line. Soon after, it was first down-Lockhart at the 37-yard line and Robbins rushed for 11 yards. At 5:28 at third-and-eight, Garza took a dive. There were flags on the play for a personal foul against Clemens. It cost the Buffaloes 15 yards.
At 4:08 the Lions had a second down with 11 yards to go from the 39-yard line. At 3:16 Robbins rushed 16 yards to a first down at the Buffalo 19-yard line. D. Joseph gained 7 yards at 2:41. Robbins gained 8 yards at 2:06 for a first and goal with only 4 yards to the goal. With the Lions anxious and the tension building, flags flew against Lockhart for a 5-yard penalty. With 1:32 left in the quarter, Robbins rushed into the end zone for a Lion touchdown. The extra point was no good, leaving the score at 7-6 at the end of the first quarter. The quarter ended with Clemens fumbling a kick return twice for a loss of 16 yards and then recovering with a 32-yard pass for a first down.
The Buffaloes exploded into the second quarter with a swift touchdown at only 11:51 on the clock. The Lions blocked the extra point for a 13-6 score. At 11:45 the Lions had a first-and-ten on the 25-yard line but they were pushed back by the Buffaloes” relentless offense who dominated the quarter. They kept moving the ball to the right with both passes and rushes. The excitement kept swelling until the fans got to their feet when, with 2:21 on the clock, a Clemens pass was intercepted by Lockhart”s Chris Estrada (#20) who then fumbled the ball only seconds after the catch. The Buffaloes recovered the ball with flags on the play against them for unsportsmanlike conduct, costing them a 15-yard loss.
On the other side of the field, the Lockhart coaches were visibly upset about the time on the clock. The clock got reset to 2:11. Tension erupted and the fans fueled the fires of discontent. At 1:20, a completed 20-yard pass by the Buffaloes is flagged again as a dead ball, resulting in another 15-yard ball, resulting in another 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Scoring on the half ended at 13-6.
The third quarter belonged entirely to the Buffaloes. The only consolation was a brilliant recovery by Moore, who rescued a bad snap from the clutches of the charging Buffaloes kicked the ball as far away from the end zone as he could. Still, the Buffaloes scored a touchdown, an extra point, a safety and a 35-yard field goal, ending the quarter with a 25-6 score.
The Lions were ready for the last quarter. They kept the ball for a little over three minutes and moved it up the field enough to let Moore work his magic. With 8:33 on the clock, Moore kicked a 43-yard field goal to close the scoring for the Lions. The Buffaloes went on to make an additional touchdown about a minute later and then simply controlled the ball and the game for the rest of the night. The Lions kept plugging away despite the obvious outcome. Not one Lion gave up before the game was over.
“We”ve got more football to play,” Goad said. “It”s all about how we respond to this.”
The Lions will celebrate Homecoming on Friday night as they face off with the Lehman Lobos (2-5). Kickoff is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. at Lion Stadium.


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