Camp Champion challenges new Lions


By Alonzo Garza

With the practice field still drenched from the recent rains and the 100-percent humidity almost unbearable, the 2007-2008 seventh, eighth and ninth grade Lockhart Lions started their summer football camp with a high dose of Lion pride on Monday, July 23.
Eager and determined, the young Lions hit the field at 8:30 a.m. sharp e

very morning and proceeded to tear into their drills with winning attitudes and champion hearts. Camp Champion continued on through Thursday, July 26.
Lockhart Lions’ Head Coach, Troy Moses had “all hands on deck,” on Monday, as he assisted his team of coaches in kicking off the first day the summer football camp. Camp Champion’s morning drills went well on the first day of camp and with the exception of one or two athletes suffering from what looked like a mild case of heat exhaustion, all the athletes were able to participate successfully and without incident.
With Moses at the helm and roaming from group to group, the LHS coaches kept a steady pace of practice drills going. The coaches had younger athletes working on things as basic as the huddle break and line formation to some offensive plays. The older athletes worked on more difficult drills and on both defensive and offensive plays.
On Tuesday, July 24, Moses took some time out from coaching to talk about the camp.
“The kids are excited out here,” he said. “One thing we want to stress is to have fun, be enthusiastic, and they are doing that. They are having lots of fun.”
Moses went on to talk about all the positive things he saw in just two days. He mentioned the advantages that the campers and the coaches had in having worked together before the season starts.
“The kids that are here get the advantage of working with the Varsity coaches,” said Moses, “I like this time because the camp gives me an opportunity to work with these younger kids. I won’t get to see them much until spring so this gives me an idea of what the future holds.”
Moses elaborated a bit on the prospects of building a winning team. He sounded optimistic about the future of the Lockhart Lions and continued to show his own enthusiasm for the coming season.
“I see a lot of great kids that listen and are coachable,” he noted. “I’m excited about what is coming up. We just need to keep the kids involved and continue with their progress through the upcoming year.”
Camp Champion was all about molding champions and it did just that. Each of the incoming athletes was initiated into the two-year-old Lockhart Lions system that is being continued by Head Coach Moses. The young Lions worked hard and look forward to a great season.
See you at the games.


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