Candidates report on spending


By LPR Staff

As the March 2006 Primary election draws near, candidates for office are preparing for their final push toward party nomination. The candidates were required to file reports of their campaign contributions and spending 30 days prior to the primary election. Most candidates filed their reports early this week.
In the race

for county judge, newcomer Larry Stamps leads the way in both fundraising and spending.
Stamps reported that he has collected more than $1950, the bulk of which comes from donations of less than $50 per donor. He also received an in-kind donation from Melanie Tusker Creary for $375 in printing costs.
Stamps reported $1,341.62 in spending, most of which paid for campaign signs. He indicated a payment of $1111.19 to Espinoza Digital Imaging of San Marcos for signs.
Incumbent Judge H.T. Wright reported that he has raised only $175 in campaign contributions. Peggy Wright of Lockhart made an in-kind donation of $300 in the form of printed brochures. Wright paid $535.80 to Sign Arts of San Marcos and $322.50 to the Lockhart Post-Register. His report indicated that both expenses were paid not with campaign contributions, but with personal funds.
Tina Morgan, a candidate for District Clerk, leads her race in both contributions and expenses.
Morgan reported that she has raised $1,875, including several donations from area attorneys. She has spent $1,309.51 on her campaign, all in Caldwell County. Morgan purchased signs from Just of the Square Printing, spending a total of $985.51. The remainder of her expenses were incurred through advertisement in the county”s two newspapers.
Morgan”s opponent Amanda Mayers has raised $789.95 for her campaign, mostly through a series of fundraisers held over the last several weeks. Most of her $683.26 in spending paid to finance those fundraisers. Mayers purchased signs from Sign Arts in San Marcos for $338.28, and also made a contribution of $10 to 4-H.
Incumbent County Commissioner Joe Roland reported $830 in fundraising and $1,505 in expenses. His opponent, “Big John” Castillo, had not filed a report at press time.
Incumbent Justice of the Peace Jacqueline “Jackie” Ramirez reported $1,364.89 in contributions, including in-kind contributions from Tommy Cuevas, Jim Albert and Jeff Fierro. She has spent $1,009.16 on her campaign. Her opponent, MaryAlice Llanas, had not filed a report at press time.


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