Chesser donates winnings to Lockhart Animal Shelter


From staff reports

Kaitlyn Chesser, 9, a third-grade student at Bluebonnet Elementary School in Lockhart, is passionate about the needs of animals. Following her success at the Houston Grappling Games recently, the Lockhart Animal Shelter is passionate about Kaitlyn.

After Kaitlyn and her father asked family and friends via Facebook for donations if she won a match, Kaitlyn won all four of her matches as well as two gold medals.

The daughter of Tommy and Kristel Chesser, Kaitlyn has been training at Active Jiu Jitsu in Lockhart since it opened in August.

Her mother said Kaitlyn had “learned so much from this experience. She’s learning the power of community, especially one which is inspired for a cause. She’s learning that although she is small, she is fierce. She’s learned that she has an abundant source of strength within her if she makes up her mind to fight for something good.”

Kaitlyn’s coach is Mike Tracy at Active Jiu Jitsu. Tracy gave Kaitlyn the nickname “Pressure Chesser” following the Houston tournament.


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