City elections take center stage


The Nov. 5 election is just around the corner and the Lockhart City Council has several seats up for grabs.
Early voting will be available until Nov. 1.
Three seats will be contested this year, including the councilmember position for the city’s first districts, as well as two at-large positions.
District 1 Councilmember Juan Mendoza and at-large councilmembers Angie Gonzales-Sanchez and Brad Westmoreland have each filed to defend their seats on the city’s seven-member governing body.
Tim Jaurez, Jr. will be challenging district 1 incumbent Mendoza, while Juan Alvarez, Jr. will be vying for one of the two at-large positions currently held by Gonzales-Sanchez and Westmoreland.
The Post-Register reached out to each of the candidates to provide a brief background and a list of issues they’re either campaigning for or against.

To view what they had to say, see this week’s edition of the Post-Register.


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