Coaches, teams deserve support


To the Editor:
The early success of the Lockhart High School football team energized many parts of our community. With this has come higher expectations that, in the eyes of some, have not been realized.

Coach Moses and his staff are now drawing ire because the team has met some adversity and bad luck. Ironic, since we still have a winning record this season, on

e win shy of the number of wins for the last two seasons combined.

The biggest wins this team is having are not being registered on the scoreboard. One example – every athlete on the varsity squad remained eligible following the sixth-week grading period. Coach Moses and his staff place a high emphasis on academics. During the bye week, practice was moved an hour later so that students could attend tutorials.
Early in the season, Coach Moses spoke to the Lockhart Kiwanis club about developing a culture of winning for our players. He stressed that the importance of a winning mindset went beyond the football field. It would reap benefits for them when facing any goal or challenge in life. It’s a demanding task, undermined whenever parents or community members begin raising criticism with the first signs of adversity.

I believe that the bottom line of any student athletic program is not win-loss records. It is the development of our young people into adults who are successful members of our community. I, for one, see that our football coaches have their priorities in the right place. They are working hard in the service of our students. They are in the process of developing young people who will be successful, both on and off the field.

Coach Moses and his staff do not deserve our ire. Rather, they deserve our fullest respect, support and appreciation.
Randy Frye


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