Coats for Kids prepares for annual coat drive


 By Clint Mohle



The 2014 “Coats for Kids” drive has begun. The First Christian Church with help from businesses and individuals from the community make giving coats to needy children and people possible. The day of distribution is going to be Saturday Dec. 13 from 9 a.m. until noon or until we run out o

f coats. For more than 20 years, FCC, with help from the community, has been giving coats to children and people in need and those who cannot afford a coat. Donations to help pay for this gift of caring and sharing can be sent to the First Christian Church P.O. Box 336 Lockhart, Texas, 78644.

All contributions of the money sent in for “Coats for Kids” goes to this project only. If you are in need of a coat, or know someone that does not have a coat, this is the day and time to receive a coat.

Lockhart is located in beautiful and sunny and warm central Texas. This means that except for the two weekends and occasionally rare “Artic / Siberian Northers” we don’t have much need for a heavy or extra warm coat. When “winter” finally does roll around,” I cannot imagine having to deal with ice, frozen fingers and extremities due to the fact my family could not afford to buy me a coat. If a good warm coat can make the difference in a child being able to stay warm, and attend school, or for a person to be able to go to work and support a family, instead of just being cold and miserable, then let us help do that. We can’t air condition Texas for the nine summer months, but I would hope we can find a coat for a kid or person who needs it for our short winters.

The First Christian Church is located at the corner of San Antonio and Church streets in Lockhart. On Dec. 13 at 9 a.m. when I unlock the north door to the fellowship hall, our mission is to put a coat on everyone that needs one. This is First Christian Church and Lockhart sharing the warmth and love of this great town we call home. For more information or to donate or help, you can call Clint Mohle at (512) 227-6929.




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