Community bids farewell to long-time administrator


By LPR Staff

After decades of helping to shape the hearts and minds of Lockhart ISD”s youth, LHS principal Charles “Charlie” Red will be passing the torch at the end of this year.
Red, 66, who came to Lockhart in 1977 as principal of the Lockhart Intermediate School, has decided to retire when the 2004-2005 school year comes to a clo

“When we came here in 1977, it was supposed to be temporary,” said Suzy Red, Charlie”s best friend and wife of 42 years. “We ended up falling in love with Lockhart and have been here ever since.”
The Reds raised their own two children in Lockhart, but have had a hand in raising generations of Lockhart”s youth as Red participated in school administration, moving from the Lockhart Intermediate School to Lockhart Junior High, and finally to Lockhart High School, where he has finished his career.
“As an educational administrator, my primary goal is to help students grow academically, socially and emotionally in order that they may realize their potential as creative, conscientious workers, active citizens, and moral, compassionate family members in the future,” he said.
Red”s method for achieving that goal in his own campus often involved wielding an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove. His former students remember him as being a kind, but firm administrator.
“He was strict, but he had a good sense of humor,” said Darcee Brandt, LHS Class of 2000.
“Looking back now, I understand his tactics,” said Jennifer Smith, also from the Class of 2000. “Nothing would get by him – he had a strict eye.”
Through the years, Red has kept that eye trained on his students, not only in the classroom, but as they grow into adults.
“I believe that deep roots are important, not only to children, but also to an administrator,” he said.
Red has also remained active in the community during his time here. He has been a member of the Lockhart Kiwanis Club and the First Lockhart Baptist Church, as well as the Southwest Basketball Association, the Southwest Football Association and the Southwest Baseball Umpires Association.
Red runs a business called “Kids” Wings,” and according to Suzy, he plans to spend his “retirement years” grooming that business. The Reds will also travel the country, training teachers.

Editor”s Note: On a personal level, I remember being a student of Mr. Red”s when I attended Lockhart Intermediate School. I have thought of him as a kind, good-hearted man, but a tough, no-nonsense administrator. As I suspect most children do, I remember wishing he would be a little nicer once in a while. As I went about the business of coming to know Charlie as an adult, I realized that his tough exterior was similar to that of a parent, trying to protect a child from his or her own mistakes. I”m sure he will be missed. -kb


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