Council nixes softball contract


By LPR Staff

After nearly an hour of discussion and community input, the Lockhart City Council decided to deny an exclusive-use permit for the city’s two softball fields on Carver Street on Tuesday.
The request was made by “Miss Lee” Eckford on behalf of the Community Recreation Center (CRC), which has held a contract and permi

t on the field for several years. However, complications arising from a second league using the field this summer spurred discussion of the existing agreement.
“There’s plenty of room for all of our leagues, and I want to be a good neighbor and work with everyone to make sure the fields can be used,” Eckford told the council in response to complaints that the CRC contract has kept other groups from using the fields.
Mayor James “Jimmy” Bertram said that he had received several calls complaining about the current “exclusive-use” agreement, and claiming the fields were not being used. He, with the support of most of the council, asked City Manager Vance Rodgers to revoke the current contract, which expires in December, and work with all parties interested in using the fields to determine a schedule that will be fair and equitable to everyone. Eckford agreed working toward a fair solution would be best for everyone involved.
It was brought to the attention of the council that Lockhart Little League has exclusive use of the Little League Sports Complex, and questions were brought about the Youth Soccer Association and the Maple Street Sports Complex. However, Rodgers explained Lockhart Little League has a different type of contract, and puts significant resources in time, money and manpower into the Little League Sports Complex. Further, he explained, LYSA does not have an exclusive use contract, and the fields at the Maple Street complex cannot be defined as “soccer fields,” but instead are called “sports fields.”
The Parks Board has been asked to review the permitting process to determine what revisions should be made to avoid further complications.


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