Daphne Hamilton


After a ten year, hard -fought battle with pink melanoma Daphne Hamilton finally succumbed on Sept. 1, 2014.  She died peacefully and without pain.
Daphne was born at home in Broken Hill, Zambia and lived many places throughout the world, but found her home in Lockhart. She enjoyed everything about her life there, her friends, her church Emmanuel Episcopal, and

attending the Gaslight theater productions.
Daphne had a colorful life. From being the first woman to get her tour guide license in Botswana, to taking tourists on photographic safaris through Central Africa, to walking along the edge of the Victoria Falls to piloting her own narrow boat alone along the waterways of Great Britain. She always enjoyed life to the fullest with her positive attitude and her “I can and I will do it,” outlook on life.
Her daughters, Jen and Trish want to thank everyone who was so helpful and supportive of her.
Daphne was fiercely independent and it was thanks to the support of her friends that she was able to live alone until the very end. Many thanks to Liz McGinty, who was just fantastic at trying to help us to organize a plan to help Daphne stay in her apartment. A very special thank you to a close friend who graciously invited Daphne into her home at the very end, where she cared for her until her passing.
Daphne requested no formal memorial service or funeral, just a simple acknowledgement during the Sunday service at Emmanuel Episcopal. Their plan is to carry out her wishes at the Sept 14, 2014 10:30 a.m. service. In true form Daphne chose to donate her body to the Texas State Dept. of Forensic Anthropology in San Marcos.


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