District Clerk seeks victims for payments


By LPR Staff

Victims of crimes in Caldwell County may be due a paycheck from the Caldwell County District Clerk’s Office.

According to information released last week by District Clerk Tina Morgan, several individuals may be eligible to receive funds held by her office which were paid as restitution for various criminal offenses.

“Sometimes, people move and don’t give us a forwarding address or contact information,” Morgan said. “So when they send us their restitution checks, we get them back and we try to find people… but sometimes we just can’t pin them down.”

Morgan said if the funds continue to be unclaimed, there is a chance she will have to forward them to the State Comptroller’s office, something she would like to avoid.

“If people are due this money as victims of a crime, I think they should have it, instead of having to give it to the state,” she said.

Although Morgan did not disclose the amount of money she is holding for certain individuals, she said the sums could be significant to some families – particularly in today’s economic climate.

The list of individuals Morgan said her office is holding restitution funds for includes:
Janet Robbins;
Vickie Parmley;
Emmett Burns;
Julia Melendez-Hernandez;
Marissa Wilson;
Emiliano Magallanez; and
Glenn Reed.

The Caldwell County District Clerk’s Office distributes restitution payments of other victims of crime as well. Morgan suggested these individuals, or anyone else who may have moved since receiving their last restitution payment contact her office at (512) 398-1806.


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