District realignment means new (and old) rivalries for Lockhart


By Alonzo Garza

It is official. The new UIL alignments have been announced and the coaching staff at Lockhart High School is almost giddy with anticipation and a restored hope for the upcoming 2008-2010 sports seasons.
The Region III, District 17, AAAA realignment has six teams including Del Valle, Hays, Manor, Lehman, Elgin and, of course, L

Prior to the announcement, Head Football Coach Troy Moses speculated about the realignment, stating no matter the results, the Lions would be ready.
Taking a brief moment to think about what he was going to say, Moses declared, “There will be six teams. It will be us, New Braunfels Canyon, San Marcos, Hays, Lehman and Dripping Springs. Or it could be…”
After discussing some different scenarios such as being realigned with Austin teams and concluding it would be a remote possibility, Moses stated, “There”ve been some strange realignments. There will be some surprises.”
Girls Athletic Director and Freshman Girls Basketball Coach Dave Johnston was not willing to set any conclusive alignment in stone.
“There are a lot of different scenarios,” he said. “This is the most unique situation. I think… it”s just going to be a collaboration of the same teams.”
“My hopes are that we don”t get moved into a tougher situation,” Head Basketball Coach Glenn Rotzler said. “I expect San Marcos and Seguin to come down to our district. We keep New Braunfels Canyon, Lehman and Hays. The rumor is that Dripping Springs might come in. I”m hoping that”s not true. They”re pretty good.”
Rotzler also speculated about different alignments, concluding Del Valle and New Braunfels Unicorns would probably end up in Lockhart”s district.
“During these realignments, and I have been through three since I”ve been here, anything can happen,” Johnson said. “This is a unique year where more schools will get moved. Manor and Elgin moved to 4A. It is one of the most highly anticipated days every two years. It”s always fun to get to play against new schools and old rivalries.”
In order to make sure he got his football schedule adjusted as soon as possible, Moses attended the Texas High School Coaches Association meeting at 9 a.m. in San Marcos along with many other coaches on Friday, Feb. 1.
“Next year”s football schedule is already set,” Moses said. “I”m pretty confident that I won”t have to make too many adjustments but if I do, I want to take care of them on the spot.”
With the new 2008-2010 UIL alignment set and Moses” new football schedule adjusted, the Lions and their Lockhart fans can look forward to an exciting season of hard-hitting, competitive football. Manor and Elgin will add a bit of the unknown to the season while Hays and Del Valle will return as formidable competitors. Lehman along with Lockhart will get an opportunity to improve their records in 2008.
Moses, Johnston and Rotzler were excited about the new prospects for the upcoming sports season and seemed to relish the surprise factor the new realignment process had going into it this year.
“We”re ready,” Moses said. “We took great strides last year and our team is ready for the next challenge. No matter what district we’re in, our kids will be competitive.”
See you at the games. Go Lions.


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