Edward Freeman



Edward Freeman


SUNRISE: 06.10.1946 – SUNSET 11.26.2019

Before yet we were born you were out helping Daddy and Mama landscape unruly pasture and rocky ground into a smooth sustainable life source for our family. You always took the brunt of the work.  We thank you.

As adults we were gleeful as you landscaped rough cotton, corn and hay fields into comfortable grounds for our homes, among other things too numerous to name. It brought you joy.

We were proud as you expanded your landscaping gift to our neighbors, friends, extended family, churches, schools, and there are few communities we will travel and not see your impressions on the landscape.  You enlarged your field of grunt work.

A job half-done was one you were never accused of. We appreciated your taking the lead, in doing so – it seemed your measure of calmness to assuage the effects of PTSD suffered from the Vietnam war after four years of parachuting into war torn zones; taking wounds from gun-fire and returning home to never speak of it again but instead choosing to live with the horror within. Our country is indebted to you.

As time passed we watched in sadness as your health declined into debilitating illness. Finally, we took joy and tranquility in the opportunity for us, to landscape, for you, a comfortable habitation that allowed you to peacefully look out upon the fruits of your labor while continuing to share your gift, as you sat in the comfort of your room, repairing equipment and fences, plowing fields, planting seeds, cutting, raking and bailing hay for the cows, again, sustaining life around you and never ceasing the grunt work. It was instinct-it was natural even in illness. God’s gift to you.

 As Christ is our Redeemer and source of all; we offer our praise to HIM for gifting you with the ability to start and continue the grunt work by landscaping the lives of, not only us, but so many others; well – into your sunset.

Your Siblings

Sam, Sis, Jo, Lois, Sallie, and Little One


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