Golden Age Home celebrates 60th anniversary


By: Nicole Burnett

Golden Age Home is celebrating 60 years with a fresh new logo and website. We’re rooted in our history and looking forward to many more years of creating community and home. Head over to and take a look.  We can’t thank you enough for being part of our family. Whether you have supported our mission financially, by volunteering, have been a team member, or whether your loved one has called Golden Age their home – to us you are all family. 

 On November 15, 1960, Golden Age Home opened its doors to accept senior adults into the home.  The home was a dream turned into realty for a group of men and women of the Methodist Churches of the Austin District.  For four years this dedicated group worked to establish Golden Age Home not only as a physical structure and legal corporation but also as “the place for companionship, peace and comfort with independence.” 

Golden Age Home was one of many homes that were part of the Methodist program, Homes for Older Persons.  To develop these homes, responsible, devoted individuals in church and community gave freely of their time and energy, through creative leadership, talent and money to these buildings and operations.  Some were only lightly related to the Church but sponsorship by the Church assured stability, integrity, permanence, and responsible trusteeship. 

One original brochure stated, “those without families will come and find those who care for them as though they were their own.  Those who have few friends, are lonely or in sorrow, will find here sympathy and love.”  And so, more than 5,000 people have become part of the Golden Age Home family during the past 60 years.  Some of those members where employees while others resided within the walls, but all found a place that has stayed true to its mission “to provide excellent, quality service to older adults in a Christian environment.”  Many of our staff have been with us for more than 10 years, this is a place where both residents and team members can find a place to grow and to call home.

“To be able to keep a steady job since May 1991 has impacted my life,” shares Maria (Lupe) Salinas.  “My residents are always my first priority.  It means a lot to me to be working with the residents.  I love everybody as my family.  When I was hired by Ms. Linda, I was overwhelmed and told her ‘I can’t do this.’  She looked straight in my eyes and said ‘Lupe, you are going to stay here and do this job for a long time’.  And here I am almost 30 years later.”

From Golden Age Home’s conception, there was a giving fund set up to minister to people who are unable to pay the full cost of living in the Home.  Golden Age Home received its nonprofit status in 1964 which it continues to operate under today.  Golden Age Home is dedicated to keeping its cost affordable.  In the late 90’s, a grant from TDCHA was secured allowing GAH to designate 16 rooms of the Assisted Living to those needing subsidized housing.  20 years later, GAH continues to seek grants and donations through private foundations, churches, businesses and individuals to keep this program in operation.  Resident, Bill has lived in the subsidized housing units nearly as long as they have been available.

“I first moved to Golden Age Home in May of 2000 after realizing that due to my disability I would be unable to return to the ranch where I had lived for so long.   After moving in and becoming familiar with the people and team members at GAH, I quickly realized that this was not only a place to live but a place to find a new and extended family.  Not only have I found a family with the residents but also with the team members and their children.  I have enjoyed the last 20 years I have lived here, and I wouldn’t take anything for the experience.” 

In the year 2020, there have been increased costs and a decreased ability for normal resident activities. Social activity is very important for individuals who are isolated from friends and family. We have implemented ‘outside the box’ visitation procedures that not only provide protection, but also help our residents combat the added loneliness that has come with the current health crisis.  It is always our goal to provide our residents with comfort and peace of mind. Our dedicated team has stepped-up to ensure our residents are receiving the extra care physically, mentally, socially and spiritually needed to de-stress during this time of decreased outings and visitation.

Currently, the Board of Directors is comprised of 10 members.  These members are men and women from Lockhart, Luling, Seguin, Kyle and Elgin area.  This diverse group remains 90% from the Methodist churches.  Our generous board members continually provide time, expertise, advice, and available donations to further our mission. With 60 years of experience, Golden Age Home understands that a great team is what makes a great business.  We are always looking for those great team members and volunteers to join our mission of providing Excellent, Quality Care to Senior Adults.  If you have a passion for the elderly, there’s a place for you at Golden Age Home. 

Now more than ever, nonprofits need your support.  There have been tough times in the past 60 years.  Those times have drawn us closer to the Lord as we relied on Him to provide for the needs of the home, its’ occupants and team members.  We are committed to staying the course and excited to see how God uses this time to prepare us for the next 60 years. 

In conjunction with our 60th anniversary and Giving Tuesday, GAH has set a goal of $10,000 to raise. Please consider helping us meet our goal – donate at


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