Hot air balloon down in Maxwell area


Sheriff Daniel Law announced today that on July 30, 2016 around 07:44 AM the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call about a possible vehicle accident on Jolly Road north of Cistern Road which is in the Maxwell Texas area. The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Responders responded to the scene.

When the Emergency Responders and the Sheriff’s O

ffice arrive on the scene it was apparent that the reported fire was the basket portion of a hot air balloon. The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office notified the Texas Department of Public Safety and secured the scene. The scene has now been turned over the Department of Public Safety and that portion of Jolly Road will be closed until the preliminary investigation is completed.

The Balloon was occupied was occupied and it does not appear at this time that there were any survivors. It is reported as many as 16 may have been killed.

Local, State and Federal organizations are participating in the investigation.

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