Jorge “George” Cisneros Rodriguez


Jorge (George) Cisneros Rodriguez was born on March 6, 1951, in Lockhart, Texas, and died on or about June 30, 2007. He was preceded in death by his parents, Abel Villareal Rodriguez and Lorenza Cisneros Rodriguez, sister Eva Rodriguez Trejo, and nephews Matthew Rodriguez and Jaime Rodriguez.
He is survived by his daughter, Angela Weis and grandchildren; sisters, Dolor

es Rodriguez Hernandez and Estella Rodriguez Alexander (Ed); brothers, Abel, Adam (Frances) and Ralph Rodriguez (Virginia); numerous nephews and nieces.
Jorge was an outstanding athlete in Lockhart”s Little League, Lockhart schools, and at Blinn College. He attended Texas Lutheran University, and was an accomplished drummer and musician.
In 1970, Jorge was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a horrible mental disease that would forever change him. While at Blinn College, strange voices directing him to end his life and visions of our mother weeping at his funeral led him to seek help for the foreign voices, sounds and images that would overcome him. He was treated by State Mental Health programs that could do little more than drug him into a stupor.
After his mother”s death, he suffered a major setback and was committed to the State Hospital and again drugged. Then, in the 90s new drugs were developed, and Jorge was able to begin to have as normal a life as possible, although the disease would eventually affect his physical health as well. The new treatment allowed him to continue his education at Texas Lutheran College. However, schizophrenia did not permit him to complete his studies.
His family could not know nor understand the suffering he went through from this disease. Inside its victim”s head, schizophrenia is like hundreds of television channels on all at once with constant unwanted noise, voices, and thoughts. Jorge sought relief from this torture through drugs, alcohol and isolation. We know he loved his family. He often asked about all but shied away because he felt he made them uncomfortable.
For over 35 years, he battled the disease as well as the social stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. As a tribute to Jorge, his family wants to raise awareness and educate the public in order to alleviate challenges faced by the mentally handicapped, advocate for legislative change, and support governmental and independent research.
Jorge wanted his mental suffering and confusion to end. He prayed to be with God and his loved ones. It grieves his family deeply to think we were not there, by his bedside when he left us in this life, but now he has reached the peace he sought by a place with our God.
Rest in eternal peace, Jorge, our beloved brother.
A prayer service was held on Thursday, July 5 at DeLeon Funeral Home. Burial was held at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 6 at St. Mary”s Cemetery. Honored to serve as pallbearers were Freddy Sanchez, Rudy Sanchez, Robert Sanchez, Carlos Mayo, Frank Mendoza and Louis Aranda.
Services under the care and direction of DeLeon Funeral Home.


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