L.J.H. football challenges San Marcos Miller


The Lockhart Junior High School football teams met San Marcos Miller on the field Tuesday, Sept. 27.
The 8th grade “maroon” team gave Miller a shutout game, 20-0, and increased their overall record to 2-2-1 and district record to 1-0.
Contributing touchdowns were David Dirk, Michael Aldridge and Kenny Brite.
Aldridge also had a good defensive game as he c

ompleted an interception and a fumble recovery.
“This week the team played much better,” Coach Gifford Whitehead said. “On the offensive side of the ball we were able to move the ball downfield as a result of a better offensive line blocking and execution. Defensively, we were able to put pressure on the quarterback, and did a better job tackling, which resulted in our first shutout game of the year.”
The 8th grade “white” team also pulled out a shutout game against San Marcos Miller, 24-0.
The touchdowns were made by Sergio Juarez, Dustin Watkins, and Blake Fehr.
“These kids did a great job this week,” said Coach Steven Gilpin. “This next week should be a fight to the finish.”
The 7th grade “maroon” team weren”t as lucky as the 8th grade teams. They fought hard, but fell short 6-16 against San Marcos Miller.
The Lions lone touchdown was made by Chris Gomez after receiving a pass from George Deleon.
“The offense had a hard time running the football against Miller”s big defensive linemen,” said Coach Mark Elder. “The guys did a great job passing this week.”
The 7th grade “white” team hustled on defense, but was given a shutout game by San Marcos Miller, 0-6.
“The Lions let this game slip away,” said Coach Russell Krenek. “Defense did not give up a first down; however, San Marcos capitalized on an interception that was returned for seven yards to their endzone.”
(Courtesy of Gifford Whitehead, Russell Krenek, Mark Elder, Steve Gilpin and Chris Mata)


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