Lady Lion volleyball is picking up steam


The Lockhart Lady Lion’s varsity volleyball team matched up against the Gonzales Lady Apaches on Saturday, Aug. 14, in the Lion’s Den. Victory was in the air for the Lady Lions as they defeated the Lady Apaches with scores 25-18(Lockhart), 22-25(Gonzales), 25-16(Lockhart) and 25-18(Lockhart).
The four game match was intense as the crowd sat on the edge of t

heir seats waiting for the Lady Lions to return the volley with force.
“We are starting to gel better,” Head Coach Bernice Voigt said about the team’s performance.
Game one set a victorious mood for the Lady Lions as they hustle to dig up every ball. Senior Lady Lion Krystal Schulle sacrificed her body when she took a dive into the bench to save a volley that was eventually won by Lockhart. Schulle also had 14 assists and five aces to contribute to the team’s win.
Lady Lions Venoris Carter(junior) and Kelly Witte(freshman) were an impact against the Lady Apaches defensively. Carter had 16 digs and Witte had 11 digs.
Offensively, the Lady Lions dominated over the Lady Apaches with 90 percent service. Witte contributed four aces and eight kills. Senior Lady Lion Sarah Moore totaled ten kills and seven assists for the evening. Senior Lady Lion Alyssa Mitchell had two blocks against the Lady Apache’s offensive.
The win gives the Lady Lions an overall record of 1-2. They will travel to Fredericksburg Thursday and Saturday for a tournament(times are to be announced). The Lady Lions will also travel to Hays High School to play the Lady Rebels Friday, Aug. 20, at 7 p.m.

The Lady Lions junior varsity volleyball team defeated the Gonzales Lady Apaches Saturday, Aug. 14, for a three game match. The scores were 25-21(Lockhart), 21-25(Gonzales) and 25-22(Lockhart).
In the first game, the Lady Lions trailed most of the game until they hit the 15-point marker. After they gained the lead, they ran with it and never looked back.
Game two was disappointing for the Lady Lions as the Lady Apaches gained the first lead with a score of 15-4. The Lady Lions couldn’t seem to stop the powerful serves of the Lady Apaches. Points were finally added to the scoreboard for the Lady Lions when they made a 13-point run. Sophomore Lady Lion Andrea Carter contributed to the lead with two consecutive aces. However, offensively that wasn’t enough for the Lady Lions as Gonzales overtook the lead again for the win.
In game three, the Lady Lions battle against the Lady Apaches for the lead. At the 10-point marker, junior Lady Lion Cameron Stanley took over the lead and made a run with her serves. It was a close game for the two teams, but Lockhart came out victorious in the end.
Next, the JV team will travel to Hays High School Friday, Aug. 20, to play the Lady Rebels at 6 p.m.


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