Letters – Absences noticed at National Day of Prayer


To the Editor:

I want to make mention of the National Day of Prayer that occurred on the Caldwell County Courthouse lawn. I attended it for about 30 minutes and was impressed with the turnout from the community.

I would have loved to see a lot more people there. However, it was during the work week, and a lot of people do work.
I was a little disappointe

d in the fact that I saw only two elected officials there. If there were others, they weren’t acknowledged.

All the elected officials in this city and county and only two showed up.

I pray that more Christians run for political offices when positions do come available. After all, it does take a vote to get them in office. Maybe that explains the big turnout in the School Board elections.

Maybe the people of Lockhart and Caldwell County are looking for a change. Because it looks like a change is coming.

I was impressed with the red, white and blue. Those colors mean a lot. And the singing was great! The young ladies that performed were fantastic. You could tell each of them were singing from the heart.
Debra Moody


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