Letters – Are your leaders poisoning your water?


To the Editor:

The race is on for Mayor in Lockhart. Any official who participates in the fluoridation of city water, either by consenting to its use or approving budgets that fund it, is guilty of practicing medicine without a license. If it is added to water to accomplish a medical purpose, that makes it a drug. Only licensed medical doctors can prescribe drugs.


s has defined a drug as “articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease” and “articles intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man.” (21 U.S.C. Sec. 321.) If fluoride is intended to prevent tooth decay, our city officials appear to be putting themselves in danger of lawsuits.

I am not stupid enough to vote for someone who is not smart enough to understand that fluoride: is rat poison; a byproduct of aluminum or fertilizer industries; contains arsenic and lead; calcifies the pituitary, pineal and thyroid glands leading to hormone imbalance, obesity, broken bones, pre-mature aging, and early death; and is already a major component of our diet by its ubiquitous presence on our food as the pesticide Cryolite. There are at least 150 of these fluoride-based pesticides that Dr. Paul Connett has identified. We are all endangered, but small children seem to be most at risk.

For instance, Welch”s White Grape Juice is contaminated at nearly 2mg fluoride/liter. Gerber White Grape Juice *for babies* has over three times as much endocrine-disrupting fluoride, at 6.8mg/liter. (Also, the growth promoter Fenchlorfenuron that exploded watermelons in China is allowed on grapes in the U.S. There are no studies showing the synergistic effect of multiple chemicals like these on food.) Any fruit or vegetables or processed food stored in a warehouse gets fumigated regularly with sulfuryl fluoride. Legally, our food may now have up to 70ppm fluoride. If our soup, juice, cereal, soda, or any other processed food came near water, it was most likely fluoridated. Children are voracious consumers of soup, juices, and cereal.

There is clearly no need to add fluoride to the entire community”s water, thereby forcing medicated water upon many who do not consent and thousands of others who would also protest if they knew the truth.

Fluoride is not mandated by any state or federal agency. Its addition to water is purely voluntary, and it can be “unvolunteered” at any time by conscientious, caring, and informed elected leaders. No federal agency has had oversight of its use since 1988 when the EPA terminated its responsibility for all water additives; the industry is *self-regulated. *

At this moment, I can afford to spend $1.50 for five gallons of fluoride-free, purified water from the Watermill Express. There are many in this town who cannot, and are forced to drink toxic, fluoridated sewer water from their kitchen faucet. Is this not oppressing the poor? Maybe these candidates think the poor do not vote?

Donna Voetee

Lockhart, Texas


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  1. Linda Angel 21 September, 2011 at 21:27 Reply

    I think this woman should be Mayor….she obviously has a brain….I would vot for her…..everything she is saying about the dangers f fluoride is RIGHT…..Wake up people….this YOUR LIFE you are dealing with and the lives of your children and grand-children..

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