Letters – Bullies don’t think about their actions


To the Editor:
Teasing hurts.
It is very difficult for me to see how it is all right for my son Cesar to be teased and bullied on Valentine”s Day by his so-called friends and classmates without anyone being aware of it.
My son is an 11-year-old sixth grader at Lockhart Junior High School. He is 5″5″ and big for his age. What I don”t understand is how teasin

g and bullying can go on in a school that has been designated as a Blue Ribbon School.
Who are these students that go to school there?
I am not looking for guilty parties, but I do want people at the school to be conscious of these students so that they may be stopped. The bullying and teasing needs to stop and the bullies need to be responsible for their actions.
My son is an A/B Honor Roll student and now he is refusing to go back to class because he is being teased.
My son is hurting, and is on the verge of reacting negatively to the abuse.
Elizabeth Diaz


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