Letters – Citizen gives kudos to cops


A “Thank You” to the Lockhart Police:
I would be the first to complain about improper police behavior, so I want to show appreciation for the good.
I worked out a deal on Craigslist to trade my 12-gauge shotgun for a metal detector. The guy with the detector and I were both in Lockhart so we met at the Lockhart theater parking lot to exchange. While we inspected

each other”s trade items, a concerned citizen noticed the shotgun and called the Lockhart police. Two police cars pulled up. The two officers secured the scene and within a few minutes determined that no criminal activity had occurred.
The refreshing part about the situation was that they accomplished this without acting rudely or treating us like criminals. They were true professionals.
What a wonderful thing when the police officers in a community act like peace officers. Whether it is the good training, good morals, or just two good policemen, something is good at the Lockhart Police Department. A sincere thanks to Sgt. Armando Valverde and Officer Steve Kenney for their service to our community.
Timothy Seaver


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