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Letter to the Editor:
Fair and simple.
It is nearing tax time again, April 15. Mass confusion surrounds our tax code and is beginning to stimulate the debate to reform the present tax system. The solution is the HR 25 and SB 1025, which is a plan before Congress that will reform our present income tax system and completely abolish it.
We need a fair, simple

and transparent tax system that any American can understand at a glance. A new tax system that would end late night swearing over endless forms and allow us to trash our shoeboxes full of receipts.
We need a system that won”t hide burden cost of goods and services; a system that will allow working people – wage earners – to take home their entire paychecks, with no deductions. We need a tax system that will eliminate post -April 15 of filing our taxes or the burden of filing an extension and worry whether we will be one of the unlucky millions of people being audited and assessed a civil penalty because we did not pay enough taxes on time.
There is one plan that can do all that – the Fair Tax, the perfect vision of a federal consumption tax. To learn more about this proposed new system of taxation, readers should call (800) FAIR-TAX, or visit the Fair Tax webite at www.FairTax.org
Larry Wesch


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