Letters – Conservation and criticism


Local resident ‘goes dark’

To the Editor:

Wouldn’t it be fun if little old Lockhart showed central Texas that we care about our energy usage and it’s carbon footprint by turning off all our lights from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. this Saturday night, March 28.

By supporting “Earth Hour” (sponsored by World Wildlife Fund) in this way,

each household, business, and government building can turn off non-essential lighting during this one hour to prove a commitment to living in harmony with our globe, reducing our impact on the planet, and furthering the pursuit of renewable energy.

Go global, Lions.


Susan Bussa



Reader blasts Editor, policies

To the Editor:

How gratifying to be the self-appointed Queen of Caldwell County, voicing your opinion while silencing others with opposing views by instituting convenient policy changes. Lockhart Post Register editor, LPR Staff recently refused a letter to the editor citing never-before-revealed “policy changes.” With exclusive publication freedom, her fiery pen has attacked those who have taken a stand on issues while from the other side of her mouth, has chastised citizens for not doing enough.

How dare she call out citizens for not doing enough to oppose a Walton wastewater treatment facility while at the same time standing with a egregious landfill developer whose attorney on several occasions has threatened to sue our county! Never once has she made an effort to hear the opposition’s side of the landfill issue and has taken a very bias stance with her pen against those who disagree with her. What an enviable position of power!

Apparently regular, abundant ads in the Lockhart Post-Register help Ms. Bliss decide who to support. I make no apologies for not wanting landfills, detention centers or any other negative development in my county. These are economic killers, not economic creators.

Several years ago a developer came to the area desiring to build an illegal immigration detention center to be located between Lytton Springs and Dale. They had the favor of the Queen of Caldwell County (and, also, purchased a steady stream of ads in the LPR). During a well-attended meeting at the Methodist church in Lytton Springs, residents were voicing their opposition to the development of the detention center when Ms. Bliss abruptly stood up and yelled, “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!”

Perhaps Ms. Bliss should take her own advice.

Alicia Thornton



Editor’s Note: A thorough review of our archives from 2006 – 2009 reveals no advertising purchased by Emerald Corrections Management during the time the company was in discussion with Caldwell County regarding the possibility of the detention facility referenced by Ms. Thornton in the letter above.



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