Letters – Grandmother applauds library, police


To the Editor:
Double kudos to lovely, laidback Lockhart.
Friday night 7 p.m. arrived and I dropped my granddaughter off at the annual sleepover at the Dr. Eugene Clark Library, a part of the Summer Reading Program for children.
It is an incredible program, varied, full of fun, and full of children eager to read, learn and have a good time.
A very you

ng Lockhart police officer was there when I took my granddaughter in. He had stopped by to see that the children were safe, and assured me personally that he would keep an extra eye on the library throughout the night.
Once again I was reminded of why I have loved this little town for so many years. The library’s Summer Reading Program is truly incredible, and the young police officer’s genuine understanding of his role as a public servant took me back to earlier times that I sometimes think are lost.
Let’s make sure the Summer Reading Program continues to thrive, and that we treat this officer well enough that he will still be here serving us when his own children are old enough to take advantage of it.
Vicki Bryant


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