Letters – Hicks won’t seek third term as District Attorney


Open Letter to the Citizens of Caldwell County:

I have decided not to run for a third term as Caldwell County Criminal District Attorney. After hours of conversations with my family, friends and colleagues, I have decided that it is time to move in a different direction, and I made the announcement to my staff a week ago. I want to thank the people of Caldwell Count

y for entrusting me with the responsibility of this office to see that justice is done. I am proud of the many important accomplishments my staff and I have achieved these past eight years. At the end of my term, I will have been a prosecutor for 18 years, most here in Caldwell County. I want to thank my incredible staff for the dedication and hard work they have performed these past several years. I have had the good fortune to work with some devoted and superb assistant district attorneys and capable support staff these past two terms.

I also wish to thank the numerous law enforcement officers I have worked with over the years. Their selfless devotion to the community in pursuit of their profession is often times underappreciated. I will miss working with our dedicated peace officers.

There is much left to be done during the remainder of my term. My staff and I will continue to work to accomplish our duty and goals and to maintain our high standards until I leave office.

Other than a husband and father, I am not yet sure what I will be when I am no longer Caldwell County’s Criminal District Attorney. I am excited—and admittedly, a bit apprehensive—about what the future holds in store. Again, I am very grateful to the people of Caldwell County for their support over the years. I hope I have served them well, and perhaps in the future I will have an opportunity to serve them in a different capacity. Thank you.

Trey Hicks

Criminal District Attorney

Caldwell County, Texas


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