Letters – Near miss moves motorcycle rider to action


To the Editor:
This past Saturday morning I was returning from a visit with my son in Austin and approaching the city limits of Lockhart. I was traveling on my motorcycle when a light-colored automobile pulled out in front of me.

I don’t know who the individual was – man, woman, young or old. I was busy trying to keep from becoming part of the vehicles rear q

uarter panel. I don’t know if this person will read this letter or not. However, if it helps to prevent another near accident or worse, then the purpose of this letter will have been served.

I am the father of eight kids and a grandfather of 24. I have run a business for 25 years. My kids, grandkids, employees and others depend on my being around for many reasons.

God chose to keep myself and the driver of the car safe Saturday morning.
Nothing is so important as to cause an individual to be in such a hurry as to nearly end a life and affect so many other lives.

Many more motorcycles are on the roads these days. Please take a second look before pulling out into traffic. That second look could just save a life.
I left about 40 feet of skid mark as a reminder to myself and others.

Thank you
Jon Ballard


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