Letters – Parent praises LJHS staff


To the Editor:

On Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011, while I was dropping off my son for school, the fire alarm bell was going off and some of the students were already walking away from the school campus.

The students getting off the buses were also redirected by a teacher to start walking away from the building.

I didn’t stop to think that the alarms could actually b

e a real fire and not just a drill. I left my son and went off to work.

As I was driving on San Antonio Street, I saw the Fire Marshall pass me and then the fire trucks started passing me. I knew right away where they were going. I called my work to inform them I was going to be late because I just had to turn around and go back to my son’s school to see what was going on.

As I drove up to the parking lot of the school, the students were already in three different sections far enough away from the building with teachers. The firemen were already doing their job and going into the building.

I was lucky enough to have seen a great staff show their wonderful, skillful way of handling this situation. All the principals were there with walkie-talkies, the teachers had the students very calm and in order.

When it was clear from the firemen to go back in the building, Mr. Henk, Mrs. Flores, Mrs. Placke and all the teachers escorted the students back in and to my surprise, it was a very calm process.

The students were not pushing, running, or yelling. I could not leave until I knew my son was okay and not in any danger. I stayed until I saw him walk back into the building.

I now know for a fact that my son, along with everybody else’s child that goes to Lockhart Junior High, is safe in case of any emergency.

Good Job!

Cynthia Soliz-Ramirez



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