Letters – Preaching or soliciting?


To the Editor:
I’m writing this letter as a very frustrated citizen.

First of all I live in Luling and I come to Lockhart to take care of my sister’s children in her home.

Last Tuesday morning, there was a knock the door and when I answered the door it was an older lady and a young girl. The older lady was speaking Spanish and said she was there to

talk to me about understanding the Bible and being saved by God. I asked her to leave, because I did not like to be preached religion to and I told her to have a nice day.

About ten minutes later I was sitting outside when a car pulled up and dropped off a older man and a young boy. As they approached the steps to the house I told him if he was there to preach I did not want to hear it and he replied, “Maybe I am here to sell you a car or a cabinet.”

I told him, “I have a car and if I needed one I know where to go buy a car or a cabinet.”

I told him I was not interested in hearing what he had to say to please leave; I knew he wasn’t coming to sell me anything because he had religious pamphlets in his hand. This man was also Spanish-speaking.

After the man left I went inside and called the police to ask if they could do something about the people going around knocking on doors preaching. They told me the could not do anything but I could put up a sign stating no soliciting, so that’s what I did.

I put a sign in English and Spanish stating “NO SOLICTING – NO SOLICITAR.”

It’s sad that I had to put a sign on my sister’s home to keep people from preaching.

I have no problem being spoken to in Spanish I am fluent in speaking and writing the English and Spanish language. So, I can pick up the Bible and read and understand it if I choose to do so. This is my personal opinion.

I was raised with religion believing in God. I am not specifying what religion I am, because everyone has their own beliefs and their own religion.

My frustration is: why do people have to go door to door preaching, because everywhere you turn there is some sort of church. I feel prayer and religion or other beliefs come from within ourselves. I also feel that you should keep you preaching among yourselves or your churches and if someone asks you to pray for them do so instead of going door to door and having the door slammed in your face.
Norma Gonzales


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