Letters – Reader blasts board flip-flop


To the Editor:
On a hot August afternoon, LISD board members relished and basked over their unanimous vote to rename the LHS campus for a deserving man. On that day, I particularly recall one exclaiming how proud she was to place her vote for her “hero.” Another remarked what an honor it was for him to vote for an outstanding citizen.

Well, that only lasted

until xenophobic opponents of the renaming bellowed in protest and demanded a special meeting whereby the board buckled and rescinded their unanimous vote. At the special meeting, the proud member forgot all about her hero and motioned the item be tabled until November, when she recommended and ‘justified’ renaming the freshmen campus instead of LHS campus. The other claimed he was confused and coerced into voting in the affirmative on that August afternoon.

Then there are the other three equally vacillating members whose judgment and motives are questionable.

These members may now be qualified to use the old political phrase of “I voted for it before I voted against it.”

Fortunately, two board members appear to be firm in their convictions. Unfortunately, their terms will soon expire. Hopefully they will address the Lions’ Field issue before they leave, and compel the board to revote on this matter.

To be effective, fair and trustworthy, elected officials should be consistent. Therefore, it is proposed they follow the board’s turnaround actions of rescinding – revoting – renaming by removing the existing name at Lions’ Field and applying it elsewhere in the district.

For if the board members who voted to rescind the LHS campus action do not respond in kind to rescind the football field action, they, and the person or persons who apparently procured the field action, might join the ranks of the Brady Bunch and the Wild Bunch, and become known as the Tainted Bunch…

Lockhart’s community deserves fairness, integrity and respect from those they elect.
DC Hernandez
San Antonio


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