Letters – Reader blasts Hutchison, budget


To the Editor:

I wonder when Kay Bailey and her Republican allies are going to pull their heads out from between their legs, so that they might be able to see what years of corporate welfare has done to our economy.

Not only has giving rich people tax breaks created huge debts that will take us years to recover from, but bailing out the Iraqis, the Afghans and th

e banks have left us vulnerable to economic terrorism.

I don’t know if I trust someone who is entwined with the corporate government body as well as she is. After all, when she took office we had a $3 trillion surplus, and within six years Kay Bailey and the Republicans had turned that into a $6 trillion deficit.

Just recently, she added another trillion dollars to our debt by giving the Defense Department a trillion dollar raise. And now, she doesn’t want to pay her fair share of taxes.

Kay Bailey and her Republican friends gave American companies tax breaks for relocating to China. And now she has the nerve to pretend she’s concerned about American jobs.

Doesn’t sound to patriotic to me! When Kay Bailey comes prancing out of the Hundred Acre Wood, you let me know.

‘Til then I’ll just go old school and figure if you buy stuff, you have to pay for it.

Mike Luther




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  1. Angry at political parties 5 May, 2012 at 18:37 Reply

    I’m tired of hearing political party blasts, if people would just believe what they believe and stop blaming entire groups of people (or classifying themselves as those groups) we would have a much batter voice of the people. Saying things so generally like “the republicans” just makes the person speaking seem uninformed. Not all “republicans” agree, and not all democrats agree. If there’s facts on one person don’t assume that everyone else keeps the same record as that one person. Until I see equal facts about the spending from all “republicans” I don’t have a single reason to believe any of this, or make a political opinion regarding Hutchison.

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