Letters – Reader concerned about truck traffic at FM 1185


To the Editor:

What a horrific accident this past weekend at 183 & 1185.  I saw the wrecked car loaded onto the truck, and family or friends receiving the news from a DPS officer. I have thought of those images a lot….actually wishing I had not seen them. I live on 1185, about three miles from183 and when so many responders from Lytton Springs passed by my ho

use, I knew it had to be very serious.

When I moved here 14 years ago, I was surprised that there was so much traffic on 183 and 1185. I was so thankful that a turning lane was added to southbound 183 at 1185, making that turn less anxious. I have seen dogs and horses hit by cars and trucks on my road… I have chased neighbors sheep off the road, while trying to slow down oncoming traffic which usually does nothing since people are always in a hurry to get to where they are going. With growth, the traffic has only increased.

So why am I rambling on about traffic? Well, I am thinking about the increase in traffic if a proposed landfill goes in at this same intersection. The added trucks that could tie up traffic on 183 will only add to the danger of driving on that stretch of highway. If most of those garbage truck drivers are from out of the area, their main concern will be getting on their way as quickly as possible. A lot of those trucks will use 1185 and I am concerned about the numerous school busses passing by daily. The long term impact of a landfill might be years away, but the immediate impact from traffic will be felt by everyone who travels these roads.

Sharon Nitz



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