Letters – Reader doubts Doggett’s support


To the Editor:
Back in December 2007, I wrote an email to Congressman Lloyd Doggett. I asked him to introduce a bill to Congress to do more oil well drilling, build more refineries and build more power plants.
Doggett’s answer was “he doesn’t support the expansion of domestic oil drilling. He supports plug-in cars. He supports cars that will get 35 MPG by t

he year 2020. He is against global warming and the reduction of greenhouse gases.”
Without more domestic oil, we are held hostage to the Middle Eastern countries for oil. We will have to pay more and more for our fuel.
As for plug-in cars, if we don’t have any power to plug them into, you don’t need a plug-in car. As for the year of 2020 for cars that will get 35 MPG, there more than nine cars now that get 37 to 51 MPG.
As for global warming, I have found that in the 1930s, there were 25 states that had their highest temperatures (that is half of the U.S.) There were no states in the 2000s
We as US citizens need to hold our elected officials (at the federal level) responsible for not allowing more drilling for oil and more refineries.
Before Lloyd Doggett was elected to Congress, he wasn’t a millionaire. However with our pay to him he has acquired many millions. It is very clear Doggett doesn’t give a hoot what his constituents have to put up with. He is concerned about getting reelected. He is suppose to represent his constituents.
On Election Day (Nov. 4) if he doesn’t have anyone running against him, please write in Donald Duck.
D. L. Studer


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